Tuesday, September 9, 2014

     Recently, I have been worrying. That’s a lie. I worry all the time. When I’m not worrying, I’m worried that I should be. When I am worrying, I wonder who else engages in this feckless practice. In order to rid myself of this annoying habit, I have decided to blog about it. Maybe a bloghex will provide the answer for yours truly and all of you who are crazy enough to read my rants:)

     There are different categories of WORRY:

  1. Things worth worrying about
  2. Things that will never happen
  3. Things that have gone badly before
  4. Things that if you hadn’t worried would have been turned out to be a disaster
  5. Things that everyone worries about, so you would not be human if you didn’t worry too.
  6. Unimportant things you worried about that distracted you so you didn’t worry about important ones.

And the list goes on. This whole topic begs several questions:

Question:  Are people who worry more sensitive than others? 
Question:  Do Type A people worry more than Type B? (is there a Type Q?)
Question:  Is worry hereditary?
Question:  Are there drugs to prevent worry? (other than Cosmos made with Cointreau)
Question:  Did Madoff worry? (why would he? he “made off” with everyone’s money)
Question:  Does God worry?

     So far, there are no obvious conclusions to this problem. Check out Part II for deeper research into this topic.