Thursday, September 11, 2014


                                      WANTED:  Small Equestrian

     When I was teaching many years ago, I taught a short story entitled, The Rocking Horse Winner. It was a story about a little boy who tried to win money for his mother because she never seemed to have enough. His uncle would whisper the name of the horse he thought would win the largest purse, and the kid would get on the rocking horse, chant something like “Wemusthavemoremoneywemusthavemoremoney,” and magically, he would win. I need a kid like this. I have a very small rattan rocking horse, so it would have to be a very small kid, but I’m not picky; I’ll take any kid that can win me some scratch. 

     Why? you may ask. Why would a grown woman of my status need money? Well, it’s not that I don’t have any, I just need to replenish my nest egg that I seemed to have hatched and squandered. When we first retired, I climbed right up into that nest when Mr. Wonderful wasn’t looking, and I grabbed that egg and sat on it for a couple of years. When it was the size of a beach ball, I jumped on it, took the money out and went to the mall. I have never told him this. He thinks the egg is still in the nest. (I don’t recommend keeping such secrets from one’s spouse). 

    If I had a little kid that could ride the rocking horse like the kid in my short story and win the triple crown, I could replace the stash I “borrowed,” and Mr. Wonderful would not have a clue. Any kids out there? I promise a small cut:)