Saturday, September 20, 2014

                                                           The TEKCUB List

     I know everyone talks about their “bucket list.” If they’re really lucky (and rich), they can get to a number of their destinations in a lifetime. Well, what about the places one doesn’t want to go? (thus, the title)

     In the wee hours of the morning, when the dam of creative juices is overflowing, thoughts like these leap out of the current like horny fish. The result is a list of all the places I NEVER want to go (again).

  1. on the bus with the religious fanatic 
  2. on the plane with the sneezing Sister
  3. on the train with the unwashed professional boxer
  4. in line with the bubble-blowing used car salesman
  5. on the same hotel floor as the snoring rhinoceros
  6. on the same elevator as the perfumed coloratura
  7. on the same ship as the gray-faced (Sue-Me) wrestler
  8. on the same tour as the Harvard honors grad with the mouth
  9. in the same tour group as “I-know-everything-in-the-universe” participant
  10. in the cave with the guy with bad digestion

     Just sayin’.