Wednesday, September 3, 2014

     The term “affordable” can have various connotations, depending on the person using it. To me, the term has a specific definition, apparently only understood by yours truly. The dictionary’s definition of the term is “to be able to pay for something.” A couple of my friends told me recently that they don’t like it when I say I can’t “afford” something. This prompted me to think about my definition of the term.

     The confusion for my friends comes with the “able” part. I am always “able” to buy something, but to not “afford” it means that it is not a priority at the moment. For example, I will wait until the last 1/4 squeeze of the toothpaste before I go buy another tube. It isn’t that I can’t “afford” to buy one; it’s that I’d rather save the cost of that tube for a new pair of stilettos. When I told my friend that I couldn’t afford to go on an African Safari, that didn’t mean I didn’t have the “means;” it meant I’d rather spend the money on a new xylophone. Somehow my friends don’t comprehend my logic. What’s wrong with them anyway? Furthermore, what do they care what I can afford?