Saturday, September 6, 2014


                                                             FIFI Unplugged

     It was a happy day a couple of months ago when I bought my brand new I-phone 5. This incredible little device brings great joy and terrific organization to my busy life. Alas, it was short-lived. Yesterday, as I prepared to call my daughter long distance, the phone would not charge. Numerous expletives, a sweaty brow, four cords and six outlets later, nothing.

      After 16 hours, I was forced to go to the Internet with my problem. What a surprise to find that so many others have had the same problem. Comforting, but not enough to avoid a trip to the AT & T store that always promises a one-hour wait and another expense.

     It takes me back to the days when I carried around my Franklin Planner where I stored my life before hand-held devices. I was perfectly happy with the lovely leather-bound book where I could actually hand-write my To Do list and check off each item with a proud smile. Those days had no angst, no electronic nightmares, no stress. Ah, why did I switch? Was it the planner’s size? weight? Maybe a little of each, but having my entire life digitally displayed in my hand was so cool, and it made me feel like I was still in the mainstream (in which I am drowning).

     So, off I go to the store today when I should be cleaning house for company, working out, making dinner, preparing for next week’s deadlines. I just know the 23-year-old service tech there is going to look at me, turn on my phone, and with an 11-second flick of some unknown switch, he will take my cord, plug it into the wall, and it will light up like a Christmas tree. He will then look at me like I’m a veritable idiot, and I will climb into my  car gritting my incisors. Thanks, Steve Jobs.