Monday, October 13, 2014

                    JUST A SMALL BUMP IN THE ROAD      

     Jennifer Garner announced the other day that she has a “baby bump.” No, she’s not pregnant. She had three pregnancies, and now she is left with a “bump.” I think it is absolutely awesome that she announced this on national TV. Maybe if Elizabeth Taylor had made a similar announcement fifty years ago, the rest of womanhood wouldn’t have had to walk around with sucked-in syndrome.. After all she had four, count ‘em four kids, so what happened to her “bump?” 

     “I have a dream.” My dream is that I could wake up one day and never ever have to suck it in again. It doesn’t matter how much I diet, exercise, eat the right things, drink four gallons of water, take diuretics, the “bump” still sticks its ugly head out there right through linen, wool or polyester. You would think that a size 0-2 would have no signs of a bump. Wrong. The worst part is that the beauty standards are getting bumped up as we speak, and unless your naval hits your spine, you are labeled “thick.”

     I am proud of my “bump.” I have two beautiful daughters who are successful and comfortable in their skin. They have produced seven precious offspring three of whom won’t have to worry about any bumps. Just because I’m proud, however, doesn’t mean that I choose to flaunt the bump or allow it to interfere with my cinch belts or bikinis:)

     I like this Jennifer woman, and I think she should continue her crusade in the interest of women’s breathing.