Monday, October 20, 2014

             No Longer Brothers

young refuse to watch the news
old folk watch and fear
what will become of all of us?
death lurks
far and near

has it always been like this?
were we just too busy to see?
now that we’ve gone global
we don’t feel free to be

worry serves no purpose
power in too many hands
we used to focus on family
now there are so many lands

people kill to claim their right
to worship as they please
how could any god or God
condone death and disease?

yesterday’s horrific news 
is today on page eleven
one more tragic story told
we see it 24/7

how not to panic, live in terror
of heinous acts unimaginable
how can we focus on our joy
when hate is so unfathomable

stay in the moment, so we’re told
easier said than done
when respect is gone and conscience lost
it’s all about the gun

so sad it’s come to this these days
sons cry out for mothers
battlefields in hazmat suits
what happened to "We are brothers."