Saturday, October 18, 2014

MODESTY - Passé?

     I was brought up in a generation in which we never discussed certain topics. Such things as bathroom habits and hygiene, private body parts, sexual habits, family financial business, religious attitudes, political views---all of these were private and not for discussion beyond the dining room table. 

     In my generation, many mothers didn’t explain the birds and bees to their children because they were too embarrassed. We were left to discover bits and pieces from our enlightened friends whose parents actually talked about such things. 

     We didn’t run around the house naked. Our naked bodies were not to be seen by anyone until we were married, and I learned that you could get pregnant by sitting on the wrong toilet.  My father told me that if I got pregnant before marriage, he would disown me. 

     Imagine, therefore, people of my generation watching commercials for ED, bladder leakage and “bum” habits. Have you seen the latter? This morning while I was watching the news, a commercial appeared with a woman in a nail salon interviewing clients about their private business. The proper-English-speaking lady holds a roll of toilet paper in one hand and some “matching” wipes in the other and asks each client, “What do you do about your bum?” Are you effen kiddin’ me? One client says, “If you don’t have a clean bum, where are you?” omg. 

     My mother was appalled when people kissed on the big screen. What would she have said about this? I cannot imagine what five years will bring us. Will we be seeing polyps dancing into the horizon after viewing someone’s colonoscopy? Will we see witness a ten-year study of dog “crottes” to determine the health of our pets? Will “porn” be just ho-hum programming? 

     The whole thing makes me want to . . . never mind.