Thursday, October 9, 2014

                                       GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPENED TODAY: 10/8/14

  1. Sun shone all day
  2. Sky pure blue
  3. Gentle wind caressed skin at beach
  4. McD senior coffee only $.52
  5. Book so good!
  6. No one at beach.
  7. Took great walk in sunshine (2 miles)
  8. Wrote speech 
  9. Mr. Wonderful didn’t kill furnace serviceman who crossed wires and sent heat through house at 89 degrees.
  10. New stilettos arrived 
  11. New stilettos fit
  12. New stilettos were on sale
  13. New stilettos don’t have to be paid for until November
  14. New stilettos come in four more colors
  15. Shrimp had no tails
  16. Favorite bread  BOGO
  17. I am old with no aches or pains:)
  18. No tech glitches
  19. Made a Power Point 
  20. Put money in piggy bank

Wrightsville Beach,

(15 min. from home:)