Tuesday, October 14, 2014


      We frequently refer to things we do 24/7. Our minister challenged us recently to doing things 24/6. What? What’s really incredible is that she wants us to be “tech free” on the Sabbath. Tech free? She must be living under a rock. No one can go tech free for twenty four hours no matter what day. Jesus forced me to do some soul searching, however, as now I feel guilty texting during the Prelude.  

     Why would it be difficult to give up my devices one day a week? I can’t give up my vices, much less my DEvices.  And would Sunday be harder than other days? I don’t have a full-time job, so my answer might be different than a lawyer’s or a bus driver’s. Being “tech free” means all tech, not just our phones. This means no reading on the Kindle, no e-mails on the “Air” and no streaming, tweeting or downloading of any kind. omg. This is a challenging request. I forgot to ask her after the service if I’d get a prize for complying.

     “Jesus loves me, this I know.” Would He want me to sacrifice my communication with my grandchildren, the writing of the climactic chapter of my great American novel, my texts to Mr. Wonderful to let him know I’m done in the shower? 

     We go out for dinner every week-end, and it is rare not to see people texting while tasting, tweeting while eating, gaming while gorging. It’s a national epidemic; we’re cell-phobic. We dial with our thumbs and our bums. We stand in lines for hours to buy the newest device so we’re cool or considered mainstream. We are certainly a pathetic culture, and I am 100% guilty. 

     I have decided, therefore, to take the challenge. I will attempt the unimaginable: endure an entire day without any device. I’ve chosen Thursday, October 30, 2017. Join me?