Wednesday, November 26, 2014

                             It’s All About That Aux, ‘Bout That Aux, ‘Bout that Aux

Mr. Wonderful and I were on the road. 

Me:   Our friend, Owen, told me that he plugs his I-phone into his car on his way to Raleigh every week, and he can listen to anything on his phone. I think we should consider canceling the Sirius Radio and save the $200 a year it’s costing us. I don’t really listen to it anyway.

Mr. Wonderful:  I don’t know anything about the i-phone in the car.

Me:  I don’t either, but I am going to try it. If I put my earphone plug into some outlet, it should let me play my Pandora. Hmm. Do you know where the plug thingy is?

Mr. Wonderful:  I think the car came with two of them. One is in that compartment there, and the other is in this box next to my elbow.

Me:  Hmm. I don’t know if this will work. The headphones aren’t even plugged into my phone.

Mr. Wonderful:  Let’s push this thing that says Aux. 

Me:  Good idea.

Mr. Wonderful:  Omg. What music is that?

Me:  That’s the album I just downloaded from I-Tunes after I finally remembered my password that I’ve changed umpteen times.

Mr. Wonderful:  Wait a minute. It’s playing all by itself. I think it’s the blue tooth. 

Me:  What? It has nothing to do with the phone or the earplugs?

Mr. Wonderful:  Wow. That is a really great album. I want to try this too.

Me:  Oh, no.

Mr. Wonderful:  Omg. It is playing my music that I downloaded on my computer. There’s 17 albums on there. It is playing Mark Knopfler. Hmm. Now it’s playing Michale Bublé. It’s skipping around. You don’t mind, do you?

Me: No, this is awesome. 

Mr. Wonderful:  Hmmm. I like this one.

Me:  That one sucks. Let me get this straight. I discover this fabulous technology, and all my songs from my computer won’t play, but all of yours do? wft? This means I have to listen to your music for the next 700 miles?
Mr. Wonderful:  What’s wrong with my music?

Me:  Other than the fact that it was recorded in 1924, nothing.

Mr. Wonderful:  Here is Michael Bublé.

Me:  Oh, joy. He sounds like Frank Sinatra, my mother’s heart throb.
How do you skip that piece? Oh, look, here’s a “SKIP” button. (pushes it)
Wow, it worked! All you do is push this, look! 

Mr. Wonderful:   Who knew?  And you want to listen to whom? “All about that” what?

Me:  Bass, not treble, bass. Where’ve you been? Do I need to translate for you? 
 Anyway, what we don’t know is whether this counts toward our data. I don’t know why we were so cheap that we only got 2 jigs.

Mr. Wonderful:  Yeah, that’s right. We could really get screwed if this is taking up mega giggle bites.

Me:  I need to text our daughter. She will know.

Mr. Wonderful:  Yeah, right. She will, but will she be able to explain it to us in language we will understand?

Me:  I doubt it. She will ramble about sinkin’ and stuff. Goes right over my head. I keep tellin’ you, we need a resident seven-year-old, but no, you won’t listen.