Tuesday, November 25, 2014

     There are various theories about who invented what we know today as our modern shower. The shower may have been conceived based on the waterfall. The Greeks were given credit, but the French have also tried to lay claim to its origins. I really don’t give a damn who invented it, as they are undoubtedly dead by now. All I can say is this person was an effen genius. He may have planned to offer the shower as an hygienic method of keeping us clean and free from germs; but I am here to tell you it’s much more than that. A shower is a catharsis. A shower is a spiritual experience. A shower cures anything that ails you. 

     No matter what mood I am in, a hot shower will refresh and make me look at my world anew. Whoever invented it was kind enough not to offer mirrored walls, although I imagine that Kim Kardashian might enjoy that feature. That could have squelched the whole deal. To stand and let water hot, warm or whatever suits your birthday suit pour over your body and stimulate or calm every nerve ending still pulsing--this is a wonderful thing.

     Mr. Wonderful thinks in the shower. He can go in there with a huge problem, and he comes out with the answer to the problem and four of mine. I meditate in the shower. I close my eyes, count my blessings and let the hot water wash away all my angst.
Some people sing in the shower. Most of them did not pass the audition to Mr. Brown’s Glee Club at Ferndale High, but they have a great time in there singing off key.

       Whoever you are, Mr. Shower, Mr. Pulsing Water Genius, Mr. Let-It-Go, thank you.