Thursday, November 6, 2014

That’s NUP

     We have all heard of pre-nup, and many have subscribed to that concept fearing that should a relationship end up in the dumpster, one party might not have any party funds left. My father had a pre-nup because there were grown children involved who didn’t really need his money (and he knew I would take great care of it). I did not have a pre-nup, and that was probably a mistake. Mr. First got to keep the chaise, and I looked so good in it (then). 

     What about post-nup? Post-nup would be for people who might worry that if they got back together the pre-nup would be null and void. Do you know people who have divorced and remarried the original spouse? Who does that? I knew a woman years ago who divorced and remarried the same guy three times. She was a teacher, and I’m so happy she didn’t teach my children. If she had had a post-nup, however, she would have been sure to keep the pit bull long term, and the poor animal would not have suffered dog ADHD  from moving back and forth between bungalows.

That’s NUP for now.