Thursday, December 18, 2014

     After a long day of wracking my brain to come up with a creative blog topic, I settle down for an evening of relaxation. Remote in hand, I gather my blanky onto my lap, turn the light down low and settle in for a few hours of escape. Now that I’ve finally discovered what happened to the TV Guide (it’s on channel 16.2), I scroll up and down the list attempting to find something to watch. Are you effen kiddin’ me? Here are my choices for Thursday, December 18, 2014:

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce (I could have written and directed this)
Fat Guys in the Woods (That is a frightening thought)
Extreme Cheapskate (My Dad could have written and directed this)
Redneck Island (Is this close to Coney?)
Slednecks (Whaat??)
Tiny House Hunters (I think this is called ambiguous antecedent)
Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (yeah, right. This must be a Celtic code)
DUI ????
Bubble Guppies (Can’t wait)

     If those don’t set me on fire, I can always watch Prince of Tides when Barbara Streisand tried to be a shrink. Fortunately, she stuck to her day job.

     Anyone got some weed?