Wednesday, December 10, 2014

                     The Difference Between a “Bad Day” and  “Dumb Day”

     If you have never had either of the above, stop reading now, and go live your perfect life. I have nothing to share with you. If you’ve had either or both, let me give you some validation: “bad days” and “dumb days” are called “human days.” Yup. That’s right, human. How many of you out there in cyberland are human? Just what I suspected.

     Here are some examples of typical “Bad” versus “Dumb” days:

BAD                         DUMB

You get a flat tire 15 minutes from home. You see a spare around your waist.

You find out that your cholesterol is off the charts. You can’t see the chart.

You can’t find your keys.     You find your keys in the freezer.

You missed your favorite program.     You can’t remember the name of it.

You didn’t like your fish.     Your fish didn’t like you.

You didn’t work out.     You got halfway through it, and quit.

You can’t fit in your new dress.      Your new dress has a spot on it.

It’s four below zero.     You gave away your only coat.

You need four quarters for the parking meter.         You have two.

The boss is on your back to hear your latest pitch.  He heard it and yawned.

You’re overdrawn.     They deposited your paycheck in                                       your vacation account.

You didn’t get the 1000 reward points promised
by your store purchase.       You didn’t read the fine print.

     The definition of a “bad day” has changed for yours truly after thinking about what bullets I’ve dodged in the last several years. A “bad day” is in a hospital, a courtroom or a funeral home. A “dumb day” is in a traffic jam, a long line at the grocery store or a frizz conundrum. Here’s hoping your days are “merry and bright.”  Remember