Friday, December 26, 2014

     I am thinking about writing a third book. The following are the chapters I have targeted so far. I am sure there are others that have not yet occurred to me, but this is a start.I am taking a cartooning class to learn how to illustrate my book, as real photos might get me shot. 

     The book was inspired by George Carlin and Joan Rivers, rest their souls. Regardless of how you saw their humor, they were great observers of human behavior. They knew how to spin life back to us like a reflection in a mirror, much like Shakespeare or Molière did in their prime. They pushed us over the edge of “appropriate,” and made us squirm as we held our guts laughing. To call them “outrageous” is like calling George Clooney “nice looking.” 

Marriage         An institution with only two inmates.  The first 35 years are the hardest.    (Some escape)

Motherhood    A role created by a kid to torture adult females.

Friendship      A way to survive marriage and motherhood.

Sex Comic relief.

Career A vehicle to escape all of the above.

Health A condition only noticeable in those under 12.

Life Lessons:   Everything you wish you had learned by 30 but didn’t.

Business Relationships: When business becomes pleasure.

The Spiritual Piece:  Naked yoga.

Bullshit - “It’s all.. . . “