Monday, December 29, 2014

     So what’s funny about facing the New Year?  For some, it’s a new beginning; for others, it’s same old same old. What’s your take on New Years Resolutions? As a retired teacher, my new year begins in late August, so this January thing is totally irrelevant. Let me understand:  you party for two weeks day and night filling your gut with everything you’ve sworn not to consume, you drink like a fish and spend money you don’t have, and then the day after, you say, “I’m going to turn over a new leaf.” What? Yup. That’s funny.

     New leaves are for trees. The reality is that January 2, 2015,is no different than any other January 2nd, unless you’ve spent a year at the doctor’s office or the pawn shop. If you’re leading an uneventful ordinary life, January 2nd is the day after some Bowl game that you watch because Dallas reruns are over. 

     How about taking a new look at the upcoming year? I’ve asked myself, “How about doing something really different this year?” So far, I’ve come up with cooking, cleaning and eating less guacamole. Mr. Wonderful is thrilled with the first two, and he is considering giving up crushed crackers in his cream of mushroom soup as it makes me gag to watch him eat. 

     Some people will decide to start attending church; others will consider losing weight (again) or working out at the gym they joined a year ago last Thursday and haven’t seen. Mr. Wonderful has even considered tithing. He thinks $2 per week in the collection plate is sufficient, but seen through Jesus’ eyes, that seems like a pretty small commitment. He claims Jesus has cataracts, so there you go. I put a $20 in there every couple of weeks so I don’t have to look up and see the holy guy pointing his finger at me while I’m mouthing the lyrics to “What a Friend We have in Jesus.” Still working on this New Years thing. I am thinking I’d like to be taller.