Saturday, December 20, 2014

                         BEST SPORT OF THE  YEAR 2014

     There are few people who would allow someone they love to make fun of them in public. For over a year, I have been writing blogs using my beloved husband, Mr. Wonderful, as the scapegoat and target of my humorous rantings. It is time to give credit where much is due. In front of my loyal facebook friends, my crazy relatives, my professional acquaintances, my therapist from 1973 and my fabulous students of the past 35 years, here it is:

Owed to Mr. Wonderful

Who cleans up the dishes and runs the dishwasher every night? Mr. W.

Who washes the Queen’s car and keeps the oil changed and the tires pumped? Mr. W.

Who does the laundry? Mr. W.

Who fixes anything that breaks, leaks, tears, shatters?  Mr. W.

Who calls the people in India and listens for hours while they walk him through the technological bullshit? Mr. W.

Who springs for anything Victoria Secret? Mr. W.

Who cleans up after himself everywhere he goes?  Mr. W.

Who has the cleanest, neatest garage in the county? Mr. W.

Who picks up thousands of pine cones, trims the hedges, fertilizes the flowers, cleans the gutters, sprays the Deer-Off? Mr. W.

Who gets up to check when something goes bump in the night?

Who turns on my blanket before he goes to bed?

Who waits patiently in the car while the Queen does her errands?

Who reads her books, listens to her piano music and laughs at her silly antics? Mr.W.

Who tells the Queen that she is the love of his life? Mr. W.

Who brags about the Queen? Mr. W.

Who makes her laugh on a regular basis? Mr. W.

Who eats everything on his plate no matter how awful it turns out? Mr. W.

Who holds her hand and walks the beach with her? Mr. W.

Who loves her grand-kids like his own? Mr. W.

Who takes care of himself and stays fit so the Queen is proud? Mr. W.

Who drives the whole way no matter where we travel? Mr. W.

Who always shares his food with the Queen? Mr. W.

Who reads all the fine print? Mr. W.

Who supports the Queen no matter what crazy project she embraces?  Mr. W.

Thank you, Mr. Wonderful. You are the absolute best, and I love you with all my heart.