Monday, December 1, 2014

What I Learned on my Thanksgiving Vacation

  1. Five hours in a car is tolerable; the other ten suck.

  1. Grandchildren make me smile.

  1. Dogs make Mr. Wonderful sneeze and me laugh.

  1. Ice and snow are for people under 50.

  1. Crunches cure anything that ails you.

  1. Pot roast rocks, especially when someone else makes it.

  1. Technology can keep children quiet but prevent their ability to socialize.

  1. My daughter’s chocolate chip cookies rock!

  1. A sign of a strong marriage is spending two days in a car together and four nights in a bed the size of a bathmat.

  1. Visiting three wonderful friends with whom I have history gives me hope for mankind.

  1. Whoever invented the shower cap should be sainted.

  1. A change of focus always provides a fresh perspective.

  1. I love visiting somewhere where people drive more than 36 mph.

  1. I love not knowing anything about what’s happening at home.

  1. Peanut butter rocks.

16.  Winning the second annual gingerbread decorating contest has raised my self-esteem. 

17.  The numbering system on this blog sucks:)