Saturday, January 3, 2015

BLANK PAGE or (let it go)

     What do you want to see on your blank pages in the days ahead?Accomplishments? Lessons learned? pounds shed? prayers? stories? a travel itinerary?  Will you think big? small steps? 

     Here are a few things on my first blank page in my newly created planner:

1.  write one short story with a surprise ending M

2.  post a few U-Tube videos on my blog R
3.  list the names of two new friends R
  1. plan my first important act of forgiveness R

5.  set a date for my final piano recital (54-year anniversary) M

6. list Italian vocabulary learned from Italian lessons R

7. write and say a thankful prayer R
  1. make plans to see sorority sister I haven’t seen since 1966          M

9.  perform one-woman show R

10.grow bubble booty D

     As I look over my list, I ask myself how realistic these goals may be. I have indicated by the following letters which ones are:  R = realistic  M= maybe  D= doubt it

     So why would I set these goals? because I can. Why should you care? because you can do anything you set your mind to if you want to do it badly enough, and if some crazy 70-something can do this, so can you. It’s never too late. The key is how realistic we set our sights. I figure if I do even one of these, that’s good. Whether we set our sights high or low, at least we’ve set them. 

* Do you ever start your morning like this? Prepare a document, have it all perfect, try to post it, and the effen thing ends up like this? I see this as a sign. My sign says, "Listen, Bunky, it is going to be that kind of day. You can let it get to you and get all pissy, or you can "let is go," and let your readers just draw their own conclusions." My first blank page says,