Thursday, January 1, 2015


When I think about the things I’ve lost and found over the past year, it is amusing to say the least. What I have discovered, though, is that every time I lose something and try to find it, I find something else that I either had lost previously or had forgotten I owned. 

Here is my most recent Lost and Found List:

Lost:  small recording device

Found: leftover lasagne

Lost:  Miracle push-up bra

Found:  shag carpet swatch

Lost:  one gold earring

Found:  thigh high stuck to pillow case

Lost:  novel I wanted to reread

Found:  “To Do” list from 1973

Lost:  thong with heart on each cheek

Found:  Cinch belt from 1957

Lost:  red stiletto

Found:  love letter from 4th grade boyfriend

Lost:  shrink’s phone number

Found:  old lover’s address

Lost:  mind

Found:  humor

Mr. Wonderful reminded me that thongs don't have cheeks. Who knew? He's 74:)