Tuesday, January 20, 2015


     I had lunch with a friend today who just got a rescue pet. I am so happy for him, as he lost his pet of many years last year, and he was devastated. I remember when I was a kid losing our cocker spaniel to a semi in front of our house. I mourned for weeks. His new dog had obviously been abused, he said, based on his skittish behavior and cowering in the corners of his office. I can’t imagine. This got us to talking about why so many people have dogs these days. I shared my philosophy that dogs are unconditional love, and that as the economy struggles and there’s terror lurching everywhere, a wagging tail and a lick on the face is a huge comfort when one walks in the door. 

     My friend shared with me that things are very different now. When you apply for a rescue pet, they have to do a complete criminal check on you that includes a call to your vet and a house visit. This got me to thinking that this concept would be dynamite for women looking for a recycled man.

     They have rescue pet organizations. Maybe I should start a “Rescue Man” business. Before any woman can walk down the aisle with the guy, he should have a background check including a written recommendation from his ex, a thorough inspection of his living quarters, his history with pets and close scrutiny of his underwear drawer and his cyber “trash” file. This could save many second, third and even fourth divorces. 

Just sayin’.