Friday, January 30, 2015

     So there’s this stuff you can buy in a minuscule bottle for hundreds of dollars. It will grow your eyelashes. For those of you who still have some, you can stop reading now. For those of us who will do anything to enhance our fb profile, check my more.


     Just one tiny bottle and 4,372 applicators will set you back about $125 plus tax. In our state, that adds up to $139.42. How many applicators does one need? About ten. The company apparently wants you to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth as the total liquid eyelash treatment will only fill a thimble. 

     So what’s the result, you ask? (You did ask, didn’t you?) If you’re lucky, your lashes will grow back fuller and longer, and you can bat away at any GQ you spy. If, however, you are a normal human being, this is what will happen. One or two random lashes will grow so long they will wrap around your hair and make it look like you have hair extensions. A couple will grow into your nasal cavity, and a few will just hang down giving you a vampire look. 

     What price beauty, you ask? Whatever it takes. Just sayin’.


P.S.  I found this product online for half the price with only $500 applicators. Just Google “Batting 300.”