Monday, January 19, 2015


     Happy Monday! Yup, it’s one of those again. For retirees, one day is much like the next, and that’s not all good. When they all offer hours of leisure, relaxation and walks in the sunshine, it’s hard to moan about any day--they all have potential for awesome. They aren’t all awesome, however. Some can turn out very weird. 

     For example, here are some random headlines from today’s news:

“Cop Sings Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” Pursuing Criminal.”
“Mother of 18-year-old Teen “Clyde” Thought “Bonnie” was 19, not 13.” What????
“Man Sandwiched Between Two Semis Escapes with Minor Scrapes.”
“Twenty-Car Pileup Results in Two Deaths in Black Ice Mayhem.”
“Shots Fired Near Vice-President Biden’s Home.”

     Well, to me, the strangest news I’ve heard since the big games last night is that tickets to the 2015 Super Bowl are going for at least $3000 apiece. All right, Tom Brady is totally hot, but $3000? The Seahawks were amazing, yup, but $3000? When I think that $3000 could buy me,

5,769 senior coffees at Mc Ds
    25 pairs of Ivanka Trumps hottest stilettos
  3,797 Healthy Harvest Muffins
1,675 macaroni sides

I am kerfuffled.

     Maybe the answer is to bet on the game and, hopefully, win $3000 so I can buy all of the above and watch Tom’s tight end too.