Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day three of How Did My Generation Survive without Devices?

Question of the Day:  How did your parents reach you when you were out?

Answer:  This may come as a shock to the present generation, but we really didn’t want our parents to reach us when we were out. Hello.What was the purpose of being out if we wanted the old farts to know what we were up to? Omg. We wanted our fun, our privacy with no contact--no updates, no hints as to where we were or with whom we might have been smash-facing. 

If our parents wanted to know our whereabouts, they usually asked for an address or phone number. Those of us savvy ones gave them a fake number and skeedaddled out the door. Many of us never stayed at the original address we gave them, even if we told them the truth, so the whole process was pointless.

Granted, if we were to have gotten in trouble, we would have had to find a pay phone or go into a store and ask to use their phone to call home, but most of us avoided this.

I remember asking my daughter when she would come home to visit from college to let me know when you got back to school. Do you really think she did? Of course not, and she had the Internet. Lord knows where she was two days before classes began. I told her years later I would just as soon not know. Occasionally, she tells me such stories, and it makes my skin crawl. How I survived motherhood is a topic for another blog.

Bottom line:  

Our parents thought we were where we told them. Most of us told the truth, but a few embellished it a bit. When I was in 5th grade playing Spin the Bottle in Don Crouch’s basement, I’m glad my mom didn’t text me right in the middle of a smooch.. I would have been mortified.