Tuesday, February 17, 2015

                                       Now here are some luxuries I hadn’t even thought about:
                                             (I can read this. How about you 40-year-olds?)
  1. My housecoat doesn’t even have to match my bedspread.
  2. My hair bonnet doesn’t have to cover my ears.
  3. My socks can be used for traffic flags
  4. My pillow can be used as a fort.
  5. My kindle can have dirty pictures on it, and no one will give a flying f---:)
  6. No one will bother me, as I won’t have any teeth to talk.
  7. I can go commando.
  8. I won’t have to wear Retinae anymore, as I will always be on my back.
  9. I can use my bedspread as a tepee.
  10. At this age, I won’t have a clue what a “fancy,” is so I won’t know anything about striking it.