Wednesday, February 4, 2015

     If they banned all recipes, photos of peoples’ pets and children and the random clueless people who are still trying to sell shit on face book, there would be little to read. I would like to say I have never been guilty of any of the above, but I have occasionally put up a photo of my grandchildren or even one of myself in a rare glamorous moment. For those of us trying to eat healthy, become more humble and refuse to buy things when people don’t follow the rules, it is often annoying to open the fb page. 

     What is amazing to me is what people choose to reveal to the public. Sometimes I amaze myself at what I see on my own printed page. There are people who describe every step of their illness, share bathroom habits of their pets and children, dare to put themselves out there with a political opinion or post close-up selfies that reveal molars and nose hair. I don’t get it. What is it about the “Home” page that cries out, “Tell all/show all--everyone cares!”

     Then there’s the whole “like” and “share” syndrome. If a person were to base his self-concept on how many “likes” he got, he could qualify as a full-fledged manic-depressive. Sometimes people like the dumbest things such as a recipe for kumquat balls or a secret to eradicating toe fungus. Sometimes the most touching posts can go without a like or comment. 

     I read face book because I love following the lives of former students and to be sure my children are still breathing (as they often disappear for days at a time). I enjoy finding former colleagues and high school friends, and I even like to see an occasional selfie if it doesn’t meet the above criteria. As I am a daily blogger, face book offers me an opportunity to post a teaser to encourage people to read my glib glimpses into my slice-of-life funny. Some of my best blogs go unread, and some I think seem lame draw hundreds of readers. I don’t get it.

     It’s obvious there’s a lot I don’t get, but that’s ok. I get up, I stay up, and I am up. That’s good enough. 

                             LAUGHTER IS CONTAGIOUS; SPREAD THE VIRUS.
                                               (No immunizations available)