Monday, March 30, 2015

                                                       LIttle Girl to Big Sister

    Nine years ago, I got the call. "We're pregnant." I was so thrilled! This call was the first of three that produced 4 precious little grandchildren now ages 9, 8, 6 and 6. There has been much joy and drama in these past nine years, but the present status is still joy. Mia turned nine last week, and below is the post from my single-parent, middle school Assistant Principal busy, creative, funny, drama queen #2 daughter. It is amazing to me that while trying to juggle a full time job (dealing with squirmy pre-teens), four little girls, the weight of being a single woman/mom and running a household with soccer matches, guitar lessons, sleepovers and occasional "ex" surprises, she has time to write such beautiful, wise things. Even if she doesn't carry out all of this, the fact that she even thinks about it is way beyond where I was in a similar position 29 years ago. Hopefully, Mia will lead the pack inheriting her mom's strength, resilience, sense of humor, intelligence, sensitivity and stamina. And maybe, unlike her mom and Mémé, she'll learn to cook.

Katey's post:

I was 9 once. When I was 9, I had some of the very BEST friends in the whole world. We dressed alike, we thought alike, we even had the same banana seat bikes with glitter embedded in the vinyl seat. To this day, we are STILL friends.

On the eve of your 9th birthday, I was reminded of a "halftime" list that a Mom wrote about what she wanted her daughter to know at half way to 18. I totally freaked out when I realized "Holy #%^* Mia is halfway to 18!"

So I decided to make my own list as much for you, as it is for me. 

1. Always have one good friend. 
A sounding board, a pal, a deepest dark secret tape you back together make you laugh while you're crying friend. Stick with her. She won't let you down. She will drag you out of the fetal position many times in the next few years. She's gold. Treasure her. her.

2. Let go of the outcome.
Many times you will have your heart hurt. As much as we would love to protect you from it, it will happen many times. Having your heart broken stinks, but it also teaches you compassion, empathy, humility, and just how deep the river of true love runs. Hurt can be heavy, and sometimes you have to let go of something because it is just too darn heavy. 

3. Cherish school.
Academics are hard. "School" is fun. There ARE different kinds of smart!  Studying is tough but it's where you can find your passion and what makes your pulse race. Organizing is difficult. Planning is essential. Find that one teacher you can connect with and suck the life out of them. They will take you places we could never, and instill a love of learning that will give back 10,000fold.

4. Be the party.
Life is tough sometimes but you have a beautiful smile. Your day will go where your smile points!  Keep things simple and rest when you can, but when you have to give your all, give it EVERYTHING you've got. When you're walking to school, be the party. When you're saying hello to friends, be the party. When you're joking around with your sisters, be the party. When you're dancing in your room alone to your music, be the party. (I just ask if you ever get a George Jetson jet pack, which I anticipate you will, you must take me with you on it. #party!)

5. Stand tall, bend low.
God gave us more so we had more to give away. Continue your community service and helping others. It is through giving we truly learn HOW to receive. Do one thing each day for someone else. Big, small, or anywhere in between. Love is a verb. Do. Do. Do.

Lastly, love who you are and who you will become.....❤️ 

(P.S. In the near future,  please don't be mad when you find out you didn't get here by an "invisible apple seed like thing" implanted in my belly, nor did you get out via my belly button. I am sorry!😬😳!

Happy 9th Birthday! We love you!