Sunday, March 22, 2015

     OK, I admit it. I stole from my Vacation Fund. Yup, I did. It wasn’t that I wanted or intended to; it was just that I had to buy candied pecans for our salad. Candied pecans are a luxury, but so are vacations. It was an emotional decision: instant yum or future
fun. We sometimes chide our children for the “instant-gratification-syndrome” by which they live, and here we are, guilty ourselves. The sad news is that the vacation fund balance now stands at $3.48. Are there Ritz-Carlton coupons? Is there a Ritz-Carlton groupon?

     At the rate of savings now in place as per the recent “Fudge-It Budget,” I should be able to get the vacation fund up to its essential balance by Thursday, June 3, 2017. Unfortunately, that is only by sacrificing candied pecans for almost two years. I can do this.

     We were out with some wealthy friends recently. The husband told Mr. Wonderful that he had to give his ex-wife half of everything totaling $3.5 million dollars. Later in the conversation, he revealed that he cuts coupons. My ears perked up (how do ears perk anyway? I must Google this). I asked where he found his coupons, and he replied “everywhere.” He mentioned the Sunday newspaper, online, in the mail, etc. I thought to myself, “This guy is a millionaire, so he must be onto something.” I headed to all of these sources and came up with several coupons for pet food, chicken stock (is that on the Dow?), beef jerky, Depends and tire cleaner. Somehow this is not working for me.