Thursday, March 26, 2015

                    Why I No Longer Hate Vanna White

     So many of us are quick to judge others, especially when the others are celebrities. Young girls compare themselves to beautiful movie stars, unfortunately believing that if they look like that when they grow up, they will be famous and successful. 

    Now I have never been a Wheel of Fortune fan, but the fact that I’m writing about VW reveals that I’ve watched it at least once. It comes on after the news that we watch every night, so we have to click intentionally to avoid seeing Vanna strut elegantly across the stage in her latest gown, her perfect smile lighting up the screen. She stands tall, gorgeous and 58, and to those of us at home who can’t see beyond the lights, she is stunning and ageless. wtf. Why doesn’t she have bags, bulges and need Botox like the rest of us? Yes, professional make-up artists and hair stylists can do a lot, but like it or not, she has a lot to work with.

     I did some research on Vanna, and guess what? Her road to fame has not been without tragedy. I wear stilettos, so I know how it feels to walk tall in your shoes, but I have not walked in Vanna’s shoes. I discovered that her father left the family when she was a small child. I found out that her fiancé was killed, and after marrying in 1990, she miscarried after she announced her pregnancy on television to the entire world. 

    Before we judge, we need to walk in the person’s shoes. “Beautiful” is not just external; “beautiful” is how we rise from the ashes of our negative experiences and quietly walk tall.