Monday, March 23, 2015

     Did you ever think about how your life would be different if you had married one of the guys or girls of your past? I have too much time on my hands (between “Swiffing” and counting my vacation fund change--now totaling $3.49 with interest). This is what I’ve determined my life would be had I married my heart-throbs of the past:

First grade:  Brent S.  My kids would be tall and blond, and I would be bored silly.

Second Grade:  Gordon S. My kids would look like Mr. Peepers, and they would be rocket scientists, thus making me a very wealthy Mémé. 

Fourth Grade:  Max D. My kids would be arrogant and handsome, and I would be crying in my pillow while he was out carousing with whomever.

Eighth Grade:  Bill M.  My kids would be tall with very curly blond hair, and I’d be Catholic. I would have been crowned Queen early in the marriage.

Ninth Grade:  Dave S. My kids would look like movie stars, and I would be divorced.

Tenth Grade:  Larry M.  I would have laughed more but wondered why he left me and moved to San Francisco to sell antiques.

Eleventh Grade:  Glen D. I would have been very wealthy but widowed at an early age.

Senior Year:  Leo D. I would have been rich and poor several times with 12 kids. I would have been widowed way too young.


Greg G.  I would have laughed a lot but left him.

John S.  I would have been very rich.

The rest is private history (well, sort of).

     If I could take all the good qualities from each of the above, I would have a man who
is tall, nice looking, compassionate, talented, successful, kind, healthy, athletic, funny and who treats me like a Queen. omg--it’s Mr. Wonderful. Who knew?