Saturday, March 21, 2015

     Can you imagine posting a photo of your first-born online and having people criticize her for everyone to see? “She’s kind of homely, isn’t she?” “What’s wrong with her left ear?” “She’s bald!” “Why is one eye shut?” 

     How about posting a photo of your precious pet and reading the nasty comments people might make like, “Ugly little mutt!” “What’s wrong with his left nostril?” “His coat is all matted down.” 

    If your skin crawls imagining how you would feel reading such comments, then you can relate to how it feels to sell your home. It is the home you and your spouse designed together from the dirt up. You carefully crafted a floor plan different from anyone else’s, and you meticulously measured and planned every square foot of your dream home. Once opening the door for the first time and seeing the magic of the builder’s work, you never forget the birth of your shelter anymore than you would forget watching your child’s first steps or seeing your pet sit up for the first time. 

     So imagine how you would feel when total strangers whom you never see scrutinize your cherished handiwork and leave such comments as “Don’t like the living room,” “Don’t like the color of the third bathroom,” “This is too small for 18 people.” Are you effen kidding me? Just send me a photo of your kid and your pet. I dare you. 

     Selling your home is not for the feint of heart. We have friends who just had a contract on their home, and at the last minute, the people bailed. Does anyone have a clue what this feels like? Our friends want to move to be with their children as they are getting up in years, and it is hard for him to get around. So now, they are back to the drawing board after selling half their furniture to total strangers who invaded their privacy to sit on the cushions. This is absurd.

     There must be a better way. Maybe someone should start a business where they can just pick up your house and move it to the next location so no one has to endure this aggravation. I know there are such companies, but I’m talking about doing it for less than $100 + gas. Mr. Wonderful got gas just listening to this idea. 

     So you want to show our home at 11:47 p.m. on a Saturday night? Right. Come on over. I’ll have the nightcap ready. Can’t promise what I will put in it:)