Thursday, April 9, 2015

     One of the advantages of being a high school teacher is to watch some of your students blossom. Some do so right before your eyes, and others show obvious signs and then become successful after college. Stella Chang is one of those whose talents I recognized immediately. She was an outstanding French student, but her expertise was as an artist. When I saw her drawings, in her early high school days, I was blown away. She has a style that is unique and absolutely stunning. It is my honor to introduce you to her today.

   Stella Chang was born in California but was raised in Taiwan, Canada and Detroit. She grew up speaking 2.5 languages and was marching to her own drummer at an early age. Stella wanted to become a Manga comic book artist. Her mother wanted her to be a concert pianist. She attended NYU where she studied art. While there, she was greatly influenced and inspired by the renowned video art pioneer, Peter Campus and contemporary installation artist, Kathe Burhardt.

    At 19 at the invitation of author, Reagan Liu, Stella illustrated her first children’s book, “100 Whales,” for Taiwan’s Children’s Corner Foundation. That same year, her illustrations caught the attention of a Japanese fashion buyer who introduced her to the industry of luxury handbags and accessories. From 2004 on, Stella had the good fortune to work for brand names such as Fiori, Calvin Klein, Lesportsac, and BCBG Max  Azria. In 2015, Stella launched her own creative studio, ModaRévisé. 

     Among her many awards, Stella Chang was invited to participate in the EV8 Space Art Exhibition, EMOA Gallery, Chelsea, New York. In 2014, she was a concept artist for a short film, Soul Stealer, directed by Shawn Spitler, who won Best Director in Canada’s International Film Festival. In 2012, she won second place in Cheers, Jordan’s Winery 40th Anniversary 4 on 4 Art Competition, and ModaRévisé, was selected by Handbag Designer 101 as as one of 35 Emerging Brands launched in Open House Gallery, New York City.

    Stella is not only an extraordinarily talented artist, she is a lovely, humble, young woman who works hard and is always willing to give of her many gifts. I am honored to be able to share her work with you today. Chapeau, Stella!

Check out Stella’s story and beautiful work here: