Tuesday, April 7, 2015

     Whose voice(s) do you hear in your mind everyday? Your parents? society’s? God’s? your own? Whose voices influence your actions? Whose voices would you like to silence? I contend that most of us have “inner” voices that guide or oversee our actions. Hopefully, your voices bring harmony to your life. If not, it’s time to brush them off. Yup---brush those suckers right into a strong wind and be done with them.

     Our inner voices start jabbering in our ears at a very early age---who knows? maybe in the womb. The first voices we hear are usually those of some random doctor and/or our parents. I know nothing about the hearing capabilities of a newborn, but I know there are voices in my head that began before I could walk, skip or hop. Somedays, I would just like to walk, skip or hop with no voices. My voices might say, “Boy, what a beautiful day.” or “You’re not walking fast enough to burn any calories, girlfriend.” or “You look like an idiot skipping at your age.” These questions beg another more important one:  Are your voices positive or negative? Is someone always cheering you on or bringing you down? Or, if you’re like me, there are a few of each, and depending upon my mental/emotional state at any given moment, that’s the one to which I will listen. Now if all of your inner voices are positive and they are yours, stop reading now, and don’t ever speak to me.

     How do we silence the negative inner voice? I’ve asked that question hundreds of time during my life. Those negative voices of self-doubt, second-guessing and “woulda, shoulda, coulda” can drive us into whackdom. If you think I have the answer to this question, stop reading now, and don’t ever speak to me.

     I do have some theories that I’ve developed over time. I will list them below, and you can decide whether to try any. If none of these work, stop reading now, and don’t every speak to me. These theories refer to the negative voices only.

  1. You never chose to put this voice in your head or plant it on your shoulder, so ignore it.
  2. This voice is old. Bury it.
  3. This voice is jealous. Ignore it.
  4. This voice has no foundation in reality or common sense. Brush it off.
  5. This voice is testing you. Decide if you want to be tested. 
  6. This voice went out with Ovaltine. Drown it.
  7. This voice is based on false beliefs that you inherited. Disinherit it.
  8. This voice is trying to keep you humble. Take a listen.
  9. This voice is absurd. Laugh it off.
  10. This voice is contagious. Find a cure immediately.

     On whose shoulder or in whose mind would you like to plant a positive voice? How can you do that? If you don’t want to spread positive messages, stop reading now, and don’t ever speak to me. If you do, get off your tush, and go do it now.