Monday, April 20, 2015

     Five years ago today, I lost my very first soul mate, my very first definition of love, and the person who gave me the gifts I still enjoy to this day:  musical talent, a zany sense of humor, courage to take risks, an eye to recognize what every experience good or bad can teach, an indomitable spirit, a compassionate heart and ears to listen. He was my Dad. He was my hero. Although he wanted me to be perfect, he was not, and he knew he couldn’t mold me into perfection, no matter how hard he tried. I loved him because of and despite his efforts. I miss him terribly, and although I resented his guidance at times, I came to understand and respect it. The horrible disease of Alzheimers took him from us when he was 93, but I lost him two years before he died. The gift of photos helps me remember the first man I ever loved. There’s a part of me that will always be “Daddy’s Little Girl.”