Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I have some great ideas:

  1. As political cartoons were the inspiration for the terrorist attack in Paris, France, let’s hold a contest in Texas to make fun of Mohammed.

  1. As we don’t have enough unqualified, over-the-hill candidates for President in 2016, let’s invite Huckabee to run again. 

  1. As we don’t have enough nudity on our television screens, let’s see how little clothing stars can wear on the red carpet disguised in head pieces from Star Wars.

  1. As some bad apples on police forces are causing problems, let’s just randomly kill a few cops here and there to teach them a lesson.

  1. As things begin to calm down and protesters are heading home, let’s get the media to flash photos of the violence all over the screen and ask 43 retired officials to give their opinions in order to rile everyone up again.

  1. Let’s ask Sara Palin and Brett Favre what they think.

  1. While we are preaching non-violence, let’s sell tickets to a boxing match so we can watch two people beat the shit out of each other.

  1. As guns continue to take lives in our society, let’s allow high school and college students to carry to class.

  1.   As sexual preference is a private issue, let’s broadcast sex changes nationwide.

  1. As some are appalled at the hygiene and wardrobes of our role models, let’s feature them covered in facial hair and wearing jeans and yesterday’s shirts. 
        1.  As transferring my blog from one screen to another is such fun, let's make all the numbers "1!"