Friday, May 1, 2015


      I honestly thought that nothing would shock me at my age. I was wrong. What kind of men would sit around the mahogany table and discuss an underwear patch to filter farts? Is this what scientists do? The men I have known to be guilty of this disgusting habit throughout my life would never even think of such an invention. Most of them are proud of their “latest reports,” as my father called them. The women--maybe after several glasses of wine? This is truly hilarious, and I cannot imagine what flavors are yet to come:  Oreo cookie? caramel delight? peaches and cream? Spare me, Lord. 
If it were up to the men, they’d figure out some way to mike the melody, and the worse the odor, the more macho they seem to feel. I don’t get it. 

     I remember my daughter telling me that her biology teacher encouraged kids to “let it fly” telling them it was a natural phenomenon. I thought to myself at the time, “Oh, this is great. Forget manners and dignity in the name of science.” ugh.

     Everyone knows this is a male habit only. But in case some random female has this problem, they will need to come up with a thong version:)