Wednesday, May 13, 2015

     Do you have friends who want you to succeed? That sounds like a dumb question, doesn’t it. But if you are really honest, you might spot someone on your friends list who is there more often when you are down than when you are up. I’ve had friends like this in the past. When I’m feeling low, they are by my side, comforting, offering whatever I need. When I am on top of the world, they are nowhere to be found. Hmm. Is this friendship? What about me? Do I do that? I sure hope not, but I’m sure I have been absent at times when I should have been there patting a friend on the back or handing her a bouquet of flowers.


     A couple of days ago, I performed a concert in front of over 100 people. In the audience, there were a couple of friends who attended for the first time and cheered me on. There were also a couple of friends who were there for the third time. One of the friends handed me a bouquet of flowers at the end of my performance. These are
genuine friends, and they have taught me a valuable lesson. Their presence said, “We believe in you, and we are here to celebrate the success we know you will be.” What a beautiful gift. I will remember their kindness always, and I will pay it forward. Thank you, my friends.