Tuesday, June 30, 2015

     After a year and a half as a blogger. I have learned that people will read inspirational pieces as much as humorous ones. I’ve learned that pets and food seem to be the most popular topics, and as I have nothing to say about either of those, I must accept the fact that my readership is limited. That’s ok. I am not out to change the world or win the BBOY award (Best Blogger of the Year). I do want to write my third book, however, BOOB Job, (Best of Oblique Blogs), and I’m still working on that one. 

     I am very excited and proud, nonetheless, to announce that I have written over 500 blogs in less than 18 months, and my hits have surpassed 26,000. To serious bloggers, this is a big nothing; but to me, it means that someone is reading what I write. I don’t know the identity of my very modest amount of followers, but to them, I say a great big THANK YOU (MERCI), as they inspire me to write daily. 

     So why do I write, and why do I blog? Because I can, and because I look at it this way: If I touch one life, make one person smile or laugh, inspire one person to look at the world from a different, more positive perspective, I have purpose. Remember the stranger that walked up to you in the grocery store and gave you a beautiful compliment? Maybe that was the day you were ready to give up. Maybe that was the day that you thought you were the ugliest person in the county. Maybe that person turned you around, even if it was just for an hour or two. Think of laughter effects as that stranger. 

     It’s ironic that I have to give an “Entertaining Speech” for my Toastmaster chapter. I have to make people laugh for 15-20 minutes. The thought of that absolutely paralyzes me, as standing up in front of people making them laugh is completely different than writing something you think is amusing and wondering if people agree. Standing in front of people, you see the immediate result of your humorous effort. Ugh. I will do this, however, and I will learn from it. If I succeed or bomb, the result is bloggable, and maybe someone who reads the blog will laugh, get inspired to speak or write a silly book. I will approach this project as I did when I wrote my first blog with this thought in mind, “What’s the worst that can happen? If I bomb, I will be embarrassed for a few hours, but no one will put that failed effort on my tombstone. Hopefully, I will grow somehow in the process.  I will do my best, and I will not judge myself. I will just do it.”

     My mentors have not changed in my writing journey. I still admire my two all-time favorite humorists, Dave Barry and George Carlin.If you have never read Dave Barry, you are passing up an hilarious read. I still admire Erma Bombeck (thus my nickname Fifi Bomberry), and I look forward to attending her workshop soon where I can interface with other humorists and learn from them.

     I admire Jeffrey Archer, John Cheever and Gillian Flynn. I tried writing fiction, but I failed miserably. That’s all right, as I’d rather read it than write it. 

     We all have our unique talents; and we must congratulate ourselves for the ones we were blessed to receive. If you have been trying to identify your own talents, sit down for five minutes in a quiet room, and ask yourself, “What do I do best?” “How is the way I look at the world different than most?” When you can answer these questions, you will find a fresh purpose. Maybe there will be humor in it, maybe not. If so, remember LAUGHTER IS CONTAGIOUS,  SPREAD THE VIRUS! If not, maybe you were meant to motivate, inspire or teach. Regardless, don’t wait to explore the possibilities. You will find your life enriched and refreshed, and your gift will help spread joy in a crazy, unpredictable world.