Wednesday, June 24, 2015

     Did you ever wish you could take back something you said or did? For some reason, some random “take-back” thoughts surfaced during my recent meditation—the one where I wasn’t supposed to be having any thoughts.

     I remember several years ago, Mr. Wonderful and I were at a formal dinner dance at our country club. We had had a delightful evening, complete with more than sufficient quantities of alcohol. On our way out, there was an older, very attractive woman standing at the door waiting for her husband. I looked at her, gave her a big Cold Duck smile and intended to say, “I love your pretty face.” Instead, I said, “I love your funny face.” She was not amused.

     Then a few years ago, I had had a falling out with our next door neighbor. To try to patch up the misunderstanding (which was entirely hers btw), we invited them to dinner. Although the dinner was relatively pleasant, albeit sprinkled with tension, I made a statement that pretty much assured the end of our relationship. I told her about the Norah Ephron book I had just read, “I Hate My Neck.” In the book, Norah speaks of how we all have different shaped faces, and she pointed out the three most common ones:  the bird face, the horse face and the muffin face. I suggested that my neighbor had a muffin face. She didn’t think that was the least bit funny or interesting, and she never spoke to me again.

     Now sometimes other people say things that seemingly sound like compliments, but in retrospect, they turn out to be insults. One comment in particular came from a “friend” who said to me, “You are way too pretty to have all those wrinkles.” I came home after she said that, looked in the mirror, realized that she was right and proceeded to take serious measures to correct the problem. I have not spoken to her since, although she really did me a favor. I’m not mad at her, I just feel like she’s counting crows feet when she looks at me.

    Et vous?