Sunday, June 7, 2015

                                What I Have Learned About Men in 70 years

  1. Men are literal - what you see is what you get.
  2. Men like to fix things and situations - crying, venting and perseverating will be interpreted as “fix me!”  Do not expect empathy, compassion or head pats.
  3. Men like sex - with or without women
  4. Men like to protect women - they don’t know what to do with “I can open my own door and carry my own luggage.”
  5. Men’s definition of love is through actions more than words.
  6. Most men don’t think about romantic gestures like sending cards, flowers, gifts for no reason. Birthdays and anniversaries are not at the top of the “I need to think about this” list.
  7. Most men like cars and sports. Do not talk to them about anything when they are engaged in activities involving these two things.
  8. Most men need women but don’t want to admit it.
  9. Men who are the main breadwinners figure everything else is up to the woman.
  10. Men are often intimidated by super intelligent and independent women. These women are “uncontrollable” or “un-moldable” in their minds.
  11. Women may not need men, but they want them.
  12. Women are stupid when it comes to pleasing men.
  13. Men will do a lot to get their basic needs met. Women need to recognize that their basic needs will never change.
  14. Knowing when to approach a man is crucial in getting what you want. Do not approach when he is doing the taxes or paying the bills.
  15. Men deal with what’s in front of them. Most are not long-term planners.
  16. Men don’t think like women.
  17. Men often don’t think.
  18. If a man says, “I’m not thinking about anything,” he isn’t.
  19. Women try to analyze men when there’s nothing going on with them. They are just BEing.
  20. Women love men who make them laugh. Men: Learn to make women laugh.
  21. Men are very proud of their ability to provide financially and sexually. An attack on either, however subtle, is asking for trouble.
  22. Men’s egos are generally bigger than women’s, but there are exceptions.
  23. Men make more than women in many cases. Women who harp on this kind of inequality will not find sympathy among males.
  24. Men don’t usually engage in emotional discussions or hypothetical emotional situations. 
  25. Many men are as vain as women, even if they don’t show it.
  26. Men are simple. They don’t want to get into complex thinking outside of the office.
  27. Men are tired when they get home from work. They don’t realize that women who stay home are tired too.
  28. Men don’t have emotional friendships like women do unless the friendship is with a woman. Men communicate with men through jabs and grunts.
  29. Women don’t “get” men sometimes. They keep trying to make them think like women. This won’t ever happen.
  30. Men can be just as moody as women.
  31. There will always be a double standard. Women must accept this.
  32. Revenge and retaliation against men’s insensitivities solves nothing.
  33. Nagging is pointless and pollutes the air. (I have never ever made a “honey-do” list, but I married a Type A perfectionist:)

I love men because of and despite all the above.