Saturday, June 20, 2015


     It is “that kind of morning.” I woke up to find that I had forgotten a recent check I had written (because I rarely write checks anymore), and this took my checking account balance to $6.44. Joy.

     Then I realized that the certification “Triple Crown Award” that I thought I was going to receive for an organization I help run will not be coming, as I mistakenly counted one assignment twice. Joy.

    Then we found out that several of our friends’ home have sold, and ours hasn’t. For some dumb reason, this makes us feel stupid, and that is not a good feeling to start one’s day. Joy.

     Then I realized that I have to clean the whole damned house before 9:30 as we are having a “showing.” I would like to show someone something this morning, and it sure isn’t our house.

     Finally, I figured out that I have two hours to kill before my luncheon engagement, and with $6.44, this limits my shopping spree. Thit.

     As I was cleaning up my desk, I stumbled on the quote below, and POOF! the frustration all fell away, and I am ready to start the new day with a fresh outlook. Who knew? Thanks, Maya.

(Actually, this is a lie. I pouted a little first, but I’m good to go now:)

P.S.  Realtor didn’t show. Cleaned entire house for nothing. (Not really, but I feel better when I say that.) Got to Wendy’s to find out that they offer FREE, that’s F R E E coffee to seniors, and I’ve been paying $2.14 next door. ugh. Then found out Wendy’s has FREE wi-fi. Bad news:

Wendy’s air-conditioner was out, so make up dripped all over my new blouse. Had to come home to change. Got 30 min. of piano practice in. Yup—that kind of day:)