Saturday, June 13, 2015

                                                      SPRING CLEANING - Within

      As summer 2015 has not officially begun, I can assume that spring is still in the air. That being said, I am thinking about initiating some serious spring cleaning. The cleaning I’m considering, however, is not for my house, my car, my purse or the junk drawer; it is for my heart and my head. I am convinced that there are several layers of dust, a fair amount of scum, some emotional clutter and many seeds that need watering. 

     Beginning with my heart, I will get out my spray bottle of bleach and whiten all the anger and resentment residue. I will gently dust off the hurt and sad from each beating valve to be sure they can function properly without being nibbled away by pettiness. I will vacuum up any remaining grief or grievances so my heart is pure and healthy.

     The challenge will be cleaning out my head. It gets so weighed down in irrational thought, self-deprecation, woe-is-me and what ifs. It’s time to get in there and do some major cleansing. I will take my giant bottle of humility flavored with compassion and spray thoroughly in that cavity, hoping to freshen every neuron and synapse. 

     Finally, I will search for seeds of forgiveness, empathy and generosity, and I will water them with my “Grow-up” spray.

     I just know I will feel brand new when I’m done.