Saturday, July 11, 2015

     An article about Millennials (ages 15-35) caught my eye today. From the Washington Post comes eight highlights of what Millenials value. I think it’s interesting to compare generations’ values, so here are theirs and mine:

Mine Millennials

I value quality We value price before quality.

I want to own a house. 1/3 never plan to own one, and most 
have no immediate plans to buy one.

I value healthy eating. We value healthy eating.

I want to own a TV. We watch everything on our smart-phones, 
our laptops or our tablets. Big screen is not required.

I splurge on trips, cars and high heels. We splurge on athletic wear and athletic footwear.

I want to own and drive a luxury car. Only 1/3 want a car. Many of us are gravitating toward big cities where we will
have public transportation.

I buy quality brands I know and don’t
consult social media for advice. We are the face book generation, and we 
rely on social media to get information about
what brands to buy.

I don’t buy designer bags, but I would like to. We aren’t interested in luxury bags.

     Fascinating, huh?  If I look at these 8 points through the lifestyle of my parents, the only one that would be different than mine would be the eating healthy one. My parents ate frozen veggies, potatoes and gravy and lots of potato chips and, of course, they drank before-dinner martinis. Hmm.  Have I drawn three different pictures? Where do you fit in?

Millennials would know how to fix the alignment on this blog. I haven't a clue:)