Sunday, July 5, 2015

     The husband of a friend asked me last night about blogs. He said he had never read a blog or even thought about one. I confessed that neither had I before I became a blogger. He looked confused when I used that term and asked, “Why do you write a blog?” I always love simple questions that could be answered in a two-volume book but beg an elevator-speech answer. I said “because I love to write, and I can create something different everyday.” He asked who reads my blog. I said,”I have no idea.” “Do people comment on it?” he continued. I said,”Only those who choose to respond in person, but most can’t respond to my particular blog site.” I didn’t know this when I set it up, but I’ve decided that it’s probably best, as I can just assume that everyone is enjoying it rather than knowing the truth.

     Some mornings, I can’t wait to relate a funny or moving event; others, I scratch my head and think to myself, “Who on earth would care about this?” Then I listen to the news, read articles online and realize that people have different interests. What will fascinate some will bore others. So read or don’t read, that’s your choice. I won’t know, so everyone’s happy.

      The restaurant where we celebrated this man’s birthday was one we hadn’t enjoyed previously. It has the most gorgeous view of the ocean in our city, and, surprisingly, last night, the 4th of July, it wasn’t even crowded. We sat at an outdoor table perched high above the swimming pool and overlooking a panoramic view of the ocean. There were few people in the pool at dusk, and we could see no one on the beach. They must have all been downtown waiting for the fireworks. About half way through our meal, a singer began his gig at the other end of the patio. I thought to myself, “Well, this is a nice treat. A beautiful night, a gentle breeze, dinner with friends and music too.” After the meal, I asked each of them for their opinion of the meal and the venue. Birthday boy gave it all a 10/10. His wife gave it an 8/10. Mr. Wonderful gave it a 7/10 complaining that the music was too loud,and he couldn’t hear. Oh, my. How differently we each experience things. I gave it a 9/10, but I must admit the Cosmo and the venue did outshine my entrée. After dinner, we walked down to the boardwalk next to the beach where we were treated to our own private fireworks show coming from either side of the hotel. There was no one there to get in our way, and the breeze blew through my hair. I felt like I was in a Breck commercial. 

     On the way home, even though Mr. Wonderful said very little at dinner (which usually means he’s pissed or bored), he remarked, “That was a fun evening. Thank you.” What? I had a lovely time, and I’ve decided that it’s up to me how much fun I have. If I sit around worrying about other peoples’ fun, I forget to have my own. 

      Is all this blog-worthy? No lo so. Another friend of mine recently wrote on my face book page that whatever I had written that particular day was not blog-worthy. I quickly Unfriended him. He is too clueless to even realize it, so I told him when I saw him after that. He said, “It was probably tongue in cheek.” I said, “N’importe. Get your damned tongue out of your cheek and be kind.”