Thursday, July 9, 2015

    Hoda said yesterday that we are “supposed to do five things every morning when we awaken: 

1.  Think of 3 things for which we are grateful
2.  Think of something positive that happened in the last 24 hours
3.  Get some exercise
4.  meditate

5.  Think of one act of random kindness to offer someone

     We all know that Hoda is the expert, right? She wasn’t pretending to be the originator of such sage advice; she was quoting someone. I don’t know who, but it makes sense to me. I have heard this before, but sometimes we hear the same things in different ways. Today I will do this. I will try to remember to do this frequently. 


I am thankful for bananas and peanut butter.
I am thankful I can go back to bed when I wake up at 3:00 a.m.
I am thankful that I have excellent health today (at my age, most people can’t remember how to spell health.)
                                    Yesterday:  We played 1.5 hours of great tennis.
Workout with tiny trainer at 9:15.
Meditate:  hmmmmm/zzzzz
Kindness:  I will not nag Mr. Wonderful until after noon.

Thanks, Hoda.