Monday, July 6, 2015

                                   Teacher Regrets

     After an incredibly rewarding career as a high school teacher, there are some things I truly regret. Here they are should any new recruits want to avoid my errors.

  1. Not taking photos of my very first class.
  2. Not keeping in touch with at least one student from that class. (My first students are now 66:)
3.   Not recognizing early on that what was most important as a teacher was not how well I knew my subject matter or even how well they learned, but how I made my students feel.
4.   Not keeping a list of the hilarious things they said. (Some would not have been funny out of context, but no matter.)
5.  Not taking photos of my very last classes. ( I have tons of individual class photos, but I didn’t label them by year).
6.  Not keeping in touch with colleagues from my first few years of teaching.

                  Charlie Chaplin or Fifi la Folle? Humanities class 198?