Wednesday, July 15, 2015

            SO, WHAT’S SO FUNNY?

     Four years ago, I decided to write a book. I wrote it. It was a collection of what I labeled “humorous essays” about everyday living as seen through my sometimes green, sometimes brown, sometimes bloodshot eyes. After I self-published the book, I learned that self-publishing is for people who really aren’t top-notch writers. Wtf. I wasn’t a writer, so I didn’t have any notches to start with, so I didn’t care; I just wanted to do it and say, “Guess what, I wrote a book.” So I wrote that one, sold a couple hundred copies to my wonderful friends who indeed were trying to humor me. It was great fun. I even got to be interviewed on the radio and in front of a live audience. Now I was cookin’, so I decided to write a second book. This one was much “funnier” than the first one, but what wasn’t funny or fun was trying to market the damned thing. I don’t like going to people and saying, “Buy this. I wrote it.” So I didn’t market the book at all; I just reveled in the fact that I had doubled my notches despite what anyone thought. The “funny” thing is, though, that I’ve discovered that humor is a very personal thing, and the most fascinating discovery I made is that my humor is different than the masses and that of most of my friends. Hmm. Someone labeled me a “humorist,” and I even went around and got paid to give speeches about my books. Funny, people think that if you write a book, you have credibility. This is not true. It just means you disciplined yourself to sit down and put on paper what you’ve always wanted to say and then people pay to read it. So after being totally intimidated by the marketing aspect and the “non-literary” feeling I was experiencing, I stopped writing books. Thus, the blog.

     I have been writing my blog for about 21 months. (Do I sound like a new Mom? They never say, “He’s almost two.” They always have to spell it out in months. It’s probably because they can’t believed they’ve survived all the endless days and nights with a tiny person who relies on you for every second of your waking hours.) Anyway, I do everything in threes. This means, I have one more book to write whenever, and I have 15 more months of blogging before I move on to the next retirement challenge. (Btw, my third book is entitled BOOB Job: Best of Outrageous Blogs. Stay tuned.) 

     The first several months of blogging (I didn’t even know what a blog was), I continued writing humor. As time has evolved, however, I have gotten nostalgic, didactic, spiritual and disgusting. It has been a fascinating journey. Every time someone famous does something totally outrageous, it gives me the courage to do the same, and, in case you haven’t noticed, outrageous is “in.” The irony is that the more outrageous things people do and say, the less outrageous it all becomes, and soon it’s the norm. Funny.

     So, what’s funny? I continue to be amazed at what people laugh at. I find myself sometimes laughing at things that have not one shred of humor. The following, however, always make me chuckle:  the Geico gecko, Jimmy Fallon, Peanuts, dancing cats, dogs and fire hydrants, Mr. Wonderful’s smirk when he thinks I don’t know, my checkbook, old lady purple hair and chubby babies. When I am ready to write my final book and my very last blog in 2016, I will be sure to include illustrations of some of the above. By then, I’m pretty sure that outrageous will be “out,” and something we haven’t even thought of will be “in.” Until then, remember my best original:
Laughter is contagious; spread the virus.