Tuesday, August 4, 2015

     After being cooped up in the house with a very sick Mr. Wonderful for several days, I literally leaped into my SUV in a torrential downpour and hydroplaned down the driveway to my lunch date. Ah, the sounds of raindrops instead of sneeze binges. Ah, the thought of a good conversation with a friend to get my mind off of Poor HIm/Poor Me. I didn’t care if she dominated the conversation and all I could do was nod; I was ready for a change of scenery and someone else’s story. 

     We met at 12:30, and we got up from the table at 3:05. Yes gentlemen, we women can really talk. My sweet friend did anything but dominate. We had a wonderful time sharing stories, feelings, frustrations, the wtfs of life. Every once in a while, a good heart-to-heart with a person of like mind does wonders for the spirit. We were both so energized that we waded through the puddles to our cars and headed for the boutiques. We looked at beautiful designer dresses for over $400 to lace boho tops for $36. I did not leave empty-handed, and
I promised the nice lady at the store-for-divas that I would be back with my gift card tomorrow to try on the 50%-off dress. In a matter of hours, life went from feckless to fabulous only 20 minutes from home. I didn’t stop at the grocery store as I had promised. Couldn’t afford Saltines. Sorry, sweetheart.