Monday, August 17, 2015

     We are half way through our family/friend visitation here in Michigan, and it has been very fascinating to watch and learn how people use technology. The very fact that I am typing on my laptop tells you that I don’t go anywhere without my devices. There are plugs all over our room to ensure that no device is uncharged. How would my life change if I were unplugged? I have no idea, but one of my friends challenged me last night. She asked, “Why is it so urgent that you look at your phone several times a day?” Hmm. That made me think about whether I am as guilty as one of my grandsons whose face is lost in a screen 24/7. I don’t feel guilty about using my devices too often, as no one else is around usually, so I’m not ignoring someone or talking or tapping to bother anyone. The fact remains, however, that I do check in on emails and texts when there is no emergency. For me, it’s like having mail in the old mailbox and not taking it out to read it. I hate talking on the phone, so this is my way of communicating instantly with friends and being able to write a blog, order a new pair of shoes, take a photo of a friend anytime I want. I can check the weather, find a restaurant or gas station, write my “to do” list, jot down a book someone recommends, check the time, listen to my favorite music, track my steps, record my next speech, check my bank account, pay a bill—-the list goes on. It’s a wonderful thing, technology, as long as it works.

     If it weren’t for my I-phone and computer, I would not be able to share all of these wonderful memories. 

          From top to bottom:  
                    Dear friend and former neighbor  16 years
                    Travel friends and gracious hosts of  16 years
                    Former student/friend and husband  - 20 years
                    Wonderful Novi High School colleages and dear friends of 35 years
                    Close friend and husband of 55 years!

Our GPS got us there. Our texts helps us coordinate. Our e-mails and texts shared photos instantly, and here they are for you to enjoy. I like being plugged:)